Trust issues

November 20th, 2012 by Ailsa

Casey and Brax’s camping trip to the bush didn’t go quite as the elder bro intended. Casey’s problems didn’t magically disappear with a night away from it all. He did cheer up a bit when Brax pushed him into the creek, expecting Casey to be eaten by crocs. That didn’t work out so he went off to the pie shop leaving his bro in the bush on his own. Enter the mysterious stalker and exit stage left for Case leaving Brax bemused but well fed as he gets to eat both pies now.

Roo is taking Harvey back but is taking their relationship back to step one, no more engagement. Shes finding it hard to trust her ex-fiance after his infidelity. Harvey went along with this initially, even agreeing to move into a van. Then Alf told him to be assertive and not take her terms lying down. Who’ll get their own way now?

Bianca is also having trust issues with letting Heath mind the nipper on his own. Heath told her not to worry but he was premature as no sooner had she gone to work than he took Rocco to the hospital. She’ll never leave him alone again.

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  1. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Wow Camping looks brilliant with Brax, so tough they dont even need a tent..sleeping rough more like in wet sleeping bags! That was all a bit wierd, with Rocco and Heath, thought he was going to do a runner.

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