The next Sheila that comes along

November 14th, 2012 by Ailsa

All of the Stewarts are outraged at the news that Harvey slept with Mel. Alf was in a great mood as the fishing was good, but this update ruined his day. Roo was so out of sorts that she put on a horrible top instead of a massive dress. Harvey had the audacity to blame Roo’s contact with Tim as an excuse for his indiscretion. Not really the road to forgiveness, Harvey me dear.

Casey and Sasha went to the next level in the woods, even though there were no fairy lights there. Then Casey fell silent. Sasha is rightly annoyed and feels used. Indi and Brax are in on it now, so Casey is in for a mega-nagging.

Dex played the martyr by telling April to leave him. Surely he’ll be fine in a month? If not, he’ll be shipped off to the Whitsundays, pronto. I wonder how Sebastian is getting on there?

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One Response to “The next Sheila that comes along”

  1. Aidan Says:

    As much as I can’t stand the Harvey Roo storyline, I’m with Harvey. Roo was seriously considering Tim for ages. Harvey actually thought she’d left him. None of it would have happened if Roo hadn’t spent a few weeks working out who to choose. She’s a gee bag but then so is Harvey, but he’s totally not a gee bag for this one though. He should have stuck with the ex, she’s way hotter too. And she seemed to have been on a high dose of Prozac that evening.

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