Sad Case

October 31st, 2012 by Flathead

Casey is down in the dumps. His symptoms include dropping out of school (again), wrecking his room and moping on the beach on his own. He’s sure he’s going to jail for putting down his old man, Danny the dog. Not even Sasha coming for a chat on the moonlight sands was enough to lighten his mood.

Natalie is driven to distraction in her Braxton stalking and snooping. I think she’s got some sort of homing signal, she can always find Casey or Brax and pry them for feelings. What’ll she do if Casey gets locked up? She’ll have to start taking an interest in Heath.

Gina was feeling great either until Jet turned up with his dad. Looks like he’s not going to WA after all. They’re all one big happy family again. Poor Gina, you’d swear she didn’t have any sons of her own. Anyone heard from Bandicoot recently?

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5 Responses to “Sad Case”

  1. Bazza Says:

    What’s the most annoying thing in the bay, Casey’s fake ‘intensity’ or Harvey’s face?

  2. PeterKevin Says:

    Both. Case needs to go to jail and give us all bit of peace.

    Leah needs to get a life and stop moping after Brax.

    JP and Gina and Jett will be happy ever after. Just for a change.

  3. Sally Fletcher Says:

    Was it just me or did Leah look like she’s knocked up?

  4. strikemeroan Says:

    Leah is knocked up IRL, that’s why she’s always standing behind counters & plants and things

  5. BusToTheCity Says:

    Case seems to quit school every four or five eps.

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