Hot head Heath

October 17th, 2012 by Ailsa

Heath Braxton is a ticket. He is all sweetness and light with Bianca, and a ball of rage with the Braxton brothers. Poor Dr. Sid can’t say a word without him questioning and doubting it. He has no respect at all for authority – sure what would a doctor know about medical issues? Heath topped off his recent run of rage by giving Casey a bawks (as they say in Dundalk – ‘mon the town) for killing Danny the Dog.

Speaking of the word “dog”, Heath’s delivery is very halfhearted compared to Brax’s. No passion in it.

Casey could do with some bashing lessons; everyone is using him as a punching bag these days. He did have a go at Heath, in an effort to get arrested, but it was more a tumble than a blue.

Marilyn is a bit upset that Danny’s dead. He was always nice to her, the dog.

Roo’s ex is still hanging around. He’s starting up a business in the city, and wants Roo’s advice. I’d say he’s also hoping for a bit of Business Time. Harvey’s reaction is to not act like a real person – does anyone act so jealous when they meet a partner’s ex in real-life?

Everyone’s forgotten about Dexter. I’m going to have to go to Summer Bay Hospital MYSELF to get an update.

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8 Responses to “Hot head Heath”

  1. Bazza Says:

    Casey is such a spa. S P A

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    I really want to see a H&A special NYC edition featuring Tim and Alf’s visit to a nightclub for an evening of dancing

  3. Ailsa Says:

    Bet Alf knows all the moves to the Macarena

  4. PeterKevin Says:

    When will Danny be joining the Wall of Death? Its really filling up now! Will Ma Brax be coming to the funeral ? It should be great fun (Oi).

  5. PeterKevin Says:

    Love the way Watson still clearly has a soft spot for Brax! Loved his reply to Marilyn “knock yourself out”. Class.

    Casey is a pain in the head now. Bet he wishes he’d stayed at school.

    Natalie and her Giant Earrings are everywhere, always asking questions. She must have been a cop in a previous life.

  6. eileencarpio Says:

    “As sure as God made little green apples…” Alf.
    Wha? Genius no less.

  7. Justice Bellingham Says:

    We’ll get 3 episodes worth of the Walkers and April now and Casey won’t be mentioned for another week.
    I think Marilyn is looking beautiful these past few episodes. Even prettier than she was back in the 90s. Loved Alf telling her never to lose the ability to see the good in people.

  8. Bazza Says:

    Great photo of Danny on the wall, really captures him at his best. The man was a DUG

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