Dead Daddy Danny

October 16th, 2012 by Ailsa

Bang, bang, Danny’s dead. Casey’s in for it. It’s a big Braxton balls-up. Oi.

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3 Responses to “Dead Daddy Danny”

  1. Roo's Nose Says:

    Why didn’t Councillor lady just bring Casey off for a McDonalds when the coppers were on their way? That way Brax could have sorted the whole thing out. How come they don’t want to know why she was there? It’s all a bit messy. Can’t say I’m sorry Dannys dead though. More wooden than that boat of Alfs he was…Still, poor auld Marilyn.

  2. PeterKevin Says:

    And the moral of the story is, never go a lookin’ for your your daddy!

    Remember Ruby? Yes, her, she’s only gone since last week. She went looking for her dad, despite being advised not to and she found him and brought him back into her life and the life of the Buckton clan. And how did he end up ? Yes, you’ve guessed it. Brown Bread. Heath? Pulled out all the stops to get his Da out of prison. Hired the coked up lawyer and all that jazz. Darryl (Oi) warned him off so many times. Danny got out and in time at all, he’s dead and Casey is facing a long spell in Grown Up Prison. I dread to think what the fate that’s in store for the latest recovered Dad Richard – watch out Jett, YCPD may be after you next.

    Danny may have been wooden but he had a bit of menace about him. Roo’s ex Tim ( Tom? Tiny Tim ? sorry I fell asleep waiting for him finish a sentence) is as boring as bedammed. Just give him a coat of Ronseal and send him on his merry way.

    Natalie should come with a health warning. She seems to spread trouble wherever she goes.

  3. Bazza Says:

    Very professional by YCPD conducting their interviews in reception, with everyone around, allowed to butt in whenever they feel like it

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