J is for…

August 13th, 2012 by Flathead

We don’t have any good suggestions for J. Feel free to add a comment and let us know what we forgot.

We’ve had a few characters with J names like James the stoner, Jonah the cultist and Jack the crap cop. Now we have we Jett, causing problems and robbing purses, the little scamp.

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5 Responses to “J is for…”

  1. BusToTheCity Says:

    J is for Juvie! Where Casey had a bit of bother…

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Juvie! Very good, was wracking me brains here.

  3. Sergeant Watson Says:

    Jade! Twin of Kirsty, and they had the whole psychic twin thing going, though they turned out to not be twins at all. She used to wear dodgy chokers, as far as I recall.

  4. Vegemite Vera Says:

    Jaffle is an Aussie word for a toasted sandwich and a Jaffa is an orange flavoured sweet or lolly.

  5. Ailsa Says:

    Jaffle, that’s a good one. Would love a toastie now!

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