Rindigo return?

June 26th, 2012 by Flathead

Bianca is in hospital feeling crook. Sid sais the baby is ok but she needs to take better care of herself. Heath is knocking about, trying to help but she’s not having a bar of him. Maybe the lady doth protest too much? They’ll be back together before long which will be enough to send “Spud” Murphy back on the gear.

Speaking of reconciliations, Romeo Smith, the sidelined surfer, is having thoughts and feelings about his estranged wife. Ruby is trying to get him interested in starting the surf shop business but he doesn’t seem pushed, he’s more into Indi by the looks of it. She too is thinking about him indoors, but is wary of slipping into old ways. I’m not a big fan of Ruby or Logan so I’d be quite happy to see Rindi reunited, even if it did mean them resurrecting the storylines where she nags him about a job while he goes surfing.

Harvey is off to jail if he’s not careful. He put his principles before his daughter and doesn’t want to be labeled a crook. But he had a change of heart at the last minute & changed his plea to guilty, following Morag’s advice. He got off with a fine, which pleased Roo & Lottie no end.

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2 Responses to “Rindigo return?”

  1. Cantstandxavier Says:

    Morag saved the day in her typical caring friendly manner and harvey listened to dex even though roo said the exact same thing..
    Darcy seems to have the reunification of Heath and bianca under control. I hope indi and Romeo get back together only because ruby will be innit less.

  2. PeterKevin Says:

    Morag really is the business. It takes her all of 3 mins to read Harvey’s case and conclude that he’s on the path to ruin. Thankfully, he got some sense, pleaded guilty and got community service. Now he can get back to doing whatever it is that he does and Roo can return to shovelling lettuce. The Diner will be extra busy now with it being Colleen-less.

    Romeo and Indi. yawn. yawn. Go away and be young people for heaven’s sake, stop pretending to be grown up when clearly neither of you are.

    Biance and Baby and Heath and Darcy. Yawn Yawn. Dramatic pregnancy/ premature babies/ mums at risk storylines have been done sooo often.

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