Cleaning up

June 19th, 2012 by Flathead

Liam and Brax are helping Hayley through her bit of strife. Liam is a fool to volunteer for this duty. Surely somebody other than an addict should be helping her? Well she got clean thanks to Liam but they ended up kissing, which sounds like a pretty bad move to me.

Coleen’s ham sambo looked yum. Surely eating that would take her mind off her man-handled jugs? Marilyn helped her with a spring clean of old junk to give her a hand and help raise her spirits. She found a lotto ticket and checked it, after telling Coleen that the Universe (aka script writers) had something good in store for her. She’s astute that Marilyn, Coleen won the lotto. If anyone in the Bay says things are going well, cue disaster and vice versa.

How busy is the Diner? It must be really busy as it currently has loads of staff: Irene, Leah, Roo, Marilyn, Coleen, a part-time Indi and occasionally some other randomers. Have I missed anyone?

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5 Responses to “Cleaning up”

  1. Cantstandxavier Says:

    you forgot sash when she’s being bold.Love how they are always piling salads on the plates and no actual food. Lovin the bay being back and colleens off to lancie with her millions. But what happened with the barefoot counsellor? I think she’ll be the one to rid the bay of this nasty teacher dude.. Hayley- with her blue undereye circles totally gonna die or get Liam back on the sauce.

  2. Fr Damien Says:

    Great shout on the salads – have been thinking for some time now that they must go through some amount of lettuce. Regarding Hayley – any chance of a poll on what the flipping hell she has actually been addicted to? They seem to enjoy a vague approach when dealing with drugs in H&A. If I’d a euro for everytime Liam was accused of “using again”, I’d be as rich as Coleen.

  3. Ailsa Says:

    Fr. D, we had that discussion in our house yesterday. What drug is Hayley on? It comes in the form of a white powder anyway.

  4. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Also discussed heavily in our house, what drug other than heroin would need her to go cold turkey!! Maybe Jet (t) supplied her. She got through it quickly, so funny Liam arriving with his little holdall full of water and a magazine to pass the time. So happy its back, Mr Townsend is a loose cannon, wondering who is going to sort him out, probably Harvey as he is due to morph into Mr Nice Guy any time soon.

  5. Cantstandxavier Says:

    Well Liam kept saying get the gear out of her system so perhaps it is heroin? Thought tht was just Irish slang for it though?
    Maybe he has Irish roots mr Liam murphy that makes him down with the slang. Ha yeah she got clean pretty quick, for a minute there I thought dr Sid was to be called.

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