Casey vs angry teacher

May 31st, 2012 by Flathead

Bianca is struggling to cope with the fact that her marriage is over. She says she can’t bring go through the pregnancy and motherhood on her own. If only there were a single bloke around who’d be interested in providing a shoulder for her to cry on. I was under the impression that Liam had left town when he walked off but no, there he was moping on the beach as was Bianca. They had a talk but both seem certain it’s over. Maybe Liam will go back on the dope or the sauce, or maybe he’ll take over as the new manager of Angelo’s courtesy of a fast contract from Brax. Heath was none too impressed.

Speaking of drugs, Hayley is a pretty crap drug addict if she can’t even score some. She tried to get Heath to get some for her in exchange for legal fees. Heath displayed intelligence for once in his life and refused. Maybe he is growing up and copping on?

Sasha is giving Xavier the cold shoulder since their break up. She’s not returning his calls and is avoiding him in the town. Xavier is on the right track with his suspicions over Sasha’s mental state, he just needs to convince somebody else of his theory.

Casey has made an enemy in the newly appeared teacher in the school, who is very angry about Casey succeeding with Henri where he failed. As a result, he’s a frustrated¬† man and is taking it out on Casey. Case might have to resort to setting Brax on him. This new teacher is hilarious, almost as laughable as the evil Hammer.

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3 Responses to “Casey vs angry teacher”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Was Cranky Teacher dropped out of the sky or what?! He just appeared out of nowhere.

    I think that was a premature assessment of Heath’s new-found maturity – he got drugs for Hayley in the end. She was pretty hyper – maybe they’re the same ones Belle took back in her journo days.

  2. Flathead Says:

    You could be right on Heath, I started writing that post halfway through the episode so I may have jumped the gun there.

  3. Bazza Says:

    I loved the pathetic fallacy with the weather when Hayley was trying to score some drugs from Heath

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