Laying down the law

May 27th, 2012 by Ailsa

Xavier must have got a maturity injection, because he is playing according to the Dr. Sid rulebook where Sasha is concerned. He sincerely apologised when they accidentally broke her curfew, and brought her straight home when she snuck out of the house. Xave reckons Sasha is still messed up over Stew, so he broke up with her. Cue Sasha meltdown.

Indi got upset when she saw Rindi frolicking in the surf, so naturally she ran straight to Logan. Romeo saw them and then he got upset. So the Walker-Smiths had a heart-to-heart, which kind of cleared the air.

John Palmer is thrilled with himself because he found out that Harvey rigged the election. Somehow i think this will backfire on Mr. JP…

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