Rindi is dead

May 18th, 2012 by Ailsa

Indi and Romeo are absolute disgraces. They briefly spoke about ending their marriage, then went off pashing/next-level-ing with other people. I am glad they were so invested in their marriage that they could abandon it at the drop of a hat. TUT TUT.

Ruby declared her love for Romeo, but luckily he was too locked to hear her.

Dr. Sid made a great growling noise when he met Logan.

Gina got to the bottom of the Henri-Casey alliance, with the help of Veej. Henri is so stupid. Could she not have waited two months until Casey’s exams were over? She could hardly have expected him to have any sense, he’s a River Relative!

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One Response to “Rindi is dead”

  1. stewert's point Says:

    Logan left the lights on in the jeep while he was taking things to the next level with Indi. He won’t get that started in the morning. Dr Stu will have to get the jump leads out.

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