Court case incoming

May 16th, 2012 by Ailsa

Ooh Heath is taking the Rockstars to court over baby access rights. Does this mean more Morag? please yes.

Casey is moping about with his broken heart. Veej saw he and Henri pashing ooooh. Madge Wilkins will know in no time.

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4 Responses to “Court case incoming”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Shame to hear that Madge Wilkin’s online date kicked the bucket before they could meet. Maybe it was Stu.

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Ah, probably. They were probably just sexting up till then.

  3. PeterKevin Says:

    Its Brax I feel sorry for! There he is, just back from The City and he has to sort out the wayward lives of his brothers. Plus sa change, as Vittorio might say.

    Nobody tells him the real story about Hasey. Until now of course, when Veej will and Brax will have to try and keep him quiet & away from Gina. All this as well as realising how Leah has taken to the Intranet to try and replace him in her dreams. Poor Darryl.

    Loved Beeyanka & April’s reconciliation. So moving. Not. Yawn.

    Hope Heath’s got a good lawyer. Morag gonna come out fighting for the Riverbaby Mom and her hubby.

    What’s with the overstaffing at the Diner? Does it really take 4 people to toss salad around in a bowl or is there just no recession in Oz?

  4. PeterKevin Says:

    So Hasey have been rumbled, Henri’s left school and been warned to leave town by the lovely Brax. Casey’s moping, its his default mechanism so nothing new there. Maybe the counselling will cure him.

    Rube’s default mechanism is the backsea… sorry sofa where she professes her love to a drunken Romeo. No wonder Indi grew bored of him, he can’t even keep his eyes open for 5 mins of pashing. Logan looks much more promising in that regard. What with the big , big and impressive Jeepy thing that he drives around in. And he wears a tie. Should be fun at the breakfast table with Dr. Sid…… Pot kettle and all that.

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