Ruby the drugs mule

May 8th, 2012 by Ailsa

Good woman Ruby, she managed to concoct a reason for Morag to stay in town. Ms. Buckton was used as a drug mule by her good friend Steve. Steve is such a good mate that he told the cops Ruby was dealing on the surfing circuit. Sound man Steve.

Romeo told Brax, who was instantly hot on Steve’s tail. I foresee some bashing.

Harvey is getting to know his ex and daughter again. Following some heavy-handed hinting from Marilyn, he told an unimpressed Roo. Harvey is a simpleton.

Harvey’s daughter is sarky and annoying. Just like Harvey, then.

Indi told Romeo off because he chose Ruby over surfing. Then Romeo saw a text from Logan on Indi’s phone. Good. I hope that puts manners on him.

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6 Responses to “Ruby the drugs mule”

  1. Giggity Says:

    Ah no I like Harvey’s daughter!

  2. God Save Ireland Says:

    So many thoughts came to me throughout this episode.

    1) I hate Logan’s face. If he doesn’t stop smiling I will personally fly to Oz and punch him myself.
    2) We have never seen his sister aka Indi’s supposed friend since but we’ve seen Logan a kajillion times.
    3) Good man Brax getting back to his old scary days.
    4) Mitts off Leah. You kill everyone you look at.
    5) Roo needs to leave. ASAP.
    and finally:
    6) I realised I hate most of Summer Bay. I think we need a cast overhaul.

  3. strikemeroan Says:

    Is Lottie the actress who is Indi’s real-life sister? She’s the head off her, and the voice.

    Loved when Rubes said ‘it’d take a miracle to get me out of this’ [the drugs charge] and the scene switched to Brax waiting menacingly in Steve’s hotel room. Was I imagining things or was he holding a lightbulb? God knows *what* he’s going to do to Steve with that

  4. PeterKevin Says:

    He took out the bulb to scare Steve cos it was all dark and menacing in the room.

  5. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Dark and Menacing should be Brax’s next tattoo, in Irish obvs.

  6. Sarge Watson Says:

    Yeah Mini-Harvey is Indi’s sister in real life! they sound very similar alright!
    Why does Brax have an irish tattoo, does anyone know?!

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