Sasha’s salvation

May 7th, 2012 by Flathead

Sasha’s trial continued but the young lady need fear not, Morag’s on the case.  She cross examined Watson, and got her to admit that she used to think that it was a case of accidental death, not murder but her bosses told her to upgrade the case to murder. What’s going on? The jury finds Sasha not guilty, but Stu’s dad swears revenge. Xavier threw her into the ocean to celebrate, he’s a simple kid. They declared their love for each other and all’s well in the bay.

Morag is my favourite character in the show by miles. I’d watch a courtroom drama programme based on her cases – “Justice by Bellingham”, it would be class.

Ruby is continuing her liaison with Steve the surfer dude, who smokes spliffs down the beach. Rube’s not that impressed and doesn’t dig stoners. I don’t see this relationship continuing long term, especially as she’s still holding a candle for Romeo. Steve is playing the decent bloke but slipped a massive package of grass into her baggage ahead of the flight. That’s going to be hard one to explain when they get caught.

Marilyn has a new client in her hairdressing salon. This woman has a teenage daughter called Lottie and an ex husband who is none other than Roo’s boyfriend Harvey. This could get awkward, especially as she asked Harvey to move out of his own house so she and her daughter can move in.

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3 Responses to “Sasha’s salvation”

  1. PeterKevin Says:

    So both Roo and Rubes are heading for disaster courtesy of their blokes. We never saw that coming did we?

    Strange how the jury reached their decision just in time to let Romeo make it to the surfing Championships.

    I’ll bet Xav won’t be too popular at the Academy for being the source of the information re Watson’s view of Sasha’s case.

  2. Ailsa Says:

    That was hilarious, Harvey gave his house away so easily!

    Harvey’s ex (Melissa?): Give your house to me
    Harvey: No
    Melissa: Give it to me
    Harvey: Ok, give me a few days to pack
    Melissa: No, get out now
    Harvey: Ok

  3. Bazza Says:

    Not only has Harvey become a regular cast member he’s bringing a whole host of back characters with him, screw that this is total bull

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