Morag in the house

March 27th, 2012 by Flathead

Morag is back in the bay, kicking ass and taking names.  Episodes with Morag in them are always better.  Hopefully the trial will take a while and she’ll stick around.  I’m surprised that Robert Robertson didn’t appear to carry out the initial investigation.

I felt sorry for Watson, having to deal with Morag. She’ll have her work cut out there.  Sash will be prime suspect in the trial and it’ll look like it’s going against her only for some vital evidence to come to light at the last minute, which will reveal her innocence.

What’s going to happen with Xavier in the cops academy?  He might have thrown his chances of a police career away for the sake of coming home to checking on Sasha.  Gina was freaked out and made him go to the cop shop and tell Watson that he’s being victimized in the Academy by Sergent Rafferty.  She did Xav a favour and got onto Rafferty for him, who agreed to let Xavier back into cop school. I reckon that investigations and conviction rates will go up tenfold now that Charlie isn’t the boss, Watson will do a far better job.

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  1. Roo's Nose Says:

    Sid is way too forgiving. If Indi and Dex were mine I’d expect more grovelling than that. Sasha needn’t worry. At worst she’ll get 6 weeks in juvie and come hone with a new friend. Although if it’s another Riverboy there could be trouble…

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