Yes! A murder mystery!

March 6th, 2012 by Ailsa

Stu the Sasha Basha is dead. He hasn’t been seen since trying to get Sasha into his car. Shortly afterwards, she came home crying. Curious…

Of course angry doc Sid Walker is a suspect, having done some pre-death bashing of Stewart. Imagine if Rhys came back, and he and Sid formed an Angry Dads Alliance. The River Boys would be shaking in their boots.

Development Denis is in trouble as he moved Stu’s body from the resort to the caravan park. What an amazingly stupid (and sly) thing to do.

The paparazzi, sorry, I mean ONE paparazzo, is after Liam and Bianca. That’s pretty odd as Liam has been off the celebrity circuit for ages. Bianca is worried how this will affect the wedding, which, in true SB-time-warp-style, is tomorrow.

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7 Responses to “Yes! A murder mystery!”

  1. harty Says:

    they really dont give us a chance to wonder who might be stu’s killer, everytime it was mentioned, cue camera shot of sasha looking extremely worried… hmmm i wonder.

  2. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Love the SB timewarp. No such thing there as saving, getting the banns, etc. They’ll probably have 4 kids and be divorced by this time next year.
    Glad Watson is still around, hopefully she’ll be main cop even after Xav becomes chief superintendent next week.

  3. strikemeroan Says:

    I’m getting really grossed out by the way Sid keeps saying ‘I must protect my DAUGHTER’. Pack it in, Dr UgDish

  4. SummerBaySuperBods Says:

    So why has a washed up rock star (snigger) who washes glasses in a bar and lives in a caravan suddenly become hot news? He’s about as Z list as it goes even for The Costal News!

  5. yabbie creeker Says:

    I am ever so slightly reminded of Liam Neeson protecting his daughter in Taken when I see Sid escorting Sash. where did the Rockstar story come out of; Bianca thrives on drama. poor Irene, she will have to go to the city to get some peace gawd save us!!

  6. God Save Ireland Says:

    I wish it had have been Sid that was washed up dead. He makes my skin crawl…

  7. Bazza Says:

    What a rip shorter of a mid week episode, a murder, paparazzi bashing, and then a pop up wedding out of nowhere

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