Police, politics and plots

March 5th, 2012 by Flathead

What is Denis up to? Romeo saw him putting a body sized object into the boot of his car down on the resort building site. Romeo reckoned that John and Denis were trying to get Harvey out of the picture for good, then he saw Denis loading his car boot in the dead of night, what’s a boy to think? Sometimes 2+2 does not 5. I suspect Romeo’s suspicions will cost him his job and get him in trouble with his wife. Speaking of Indi, how does she have time for college, she has a job in the diner and another one working for Denis. Busy woman.

Xavier got accepted into the cops which was great for him if slightly surprising given the history of incompetent police activity (cousin Jack) and people smuggling (brother Hugo) in his family. He’s going to fit right in with the YCPD. He did a bit of preemptive social brown nosing by going for a drink with Constable Watson. She must be top dog since Charlie’s retirement/assassination. Given how fast things move, Xavier could be chief of police inside six months.

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5 Responses to “Police, politics and plots”

  1. harty Says:

    funny how sid always seems to have his stethoscope on him when irene takes a turn for the worse too given that he’s not working as a doctor anymore

  2. Ailsa Says:

    I said the same time! There he was, in the diner/surf club/whatever, whipping it out!

  3. River Boy Says:

    I’m really happy for Constable Watson.She’s been waiting for so long while people who are much worse cops (and worse actors) have been stealing the show at YCPD. Though she has a tough time ahead if it’s her job to train Xavier in.

  4. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Xavier looks dense, he had a kindof leery/simple look in his eye when he was telling Sasha he liked her. He is going to fit right into Charlies shoes, although he will have to get a leather jacket soon if he is to be taken seriously as a cop. Go Watson, giving Sid a bit of shit. Sid is piling on the pounds, sooner he is back in the wards saving lives the better. Denis is very sweaty for a business man, Romeo is an eejit wish it was he that Denis had bumped off

  5. PeterKevin Says:

    Romeo in a suit is all wrong. Its nearly as bad as Heath in a suit. Hopefully we’ll never have to see that. This whole Harvey/John/Denis/resort carry-on is so boring, we’ve been there before H & A scriptwriting people!

    Sid is Dr Useful alright. Poor Ole Irene, I wish they’d just leave her alone to get better. She’s tired all the time cos her room is directly above April’s and all that secret luuuuuuve action is keeping her awake.

    Is that a rosary beads that Sash is now wearing round her neck? Really strange girl…..

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