Sid’s worst day ever

February 16th, 2012 by Ailsa

Poor Sid. There was a hostage situation in the hospital, nudey pics of his daughter were flying around by text, Sasha confronted Stu, got threatened by his da, Sid threatened to end the da, Sid got fired and later dumped.

The only people who had a worse day were Ruby and Brax.

If Brax has a thing for cops, he could approach Watson. Just sayin’.

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6 Responses to “Sid’s worst day ever”

  1. Bazza Says:

    Watsy is already in line for that recently vacated saaahgent position. A great display of some buckton-esque police skills today. “I’ll let you go, but you have to promise to be good”

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    Watsy learned from the master. But she’s handy with the oul taser so she may outperform Charlie yet. The thought of her and Brax hooking up crossed my mind as well. Too soon?

  3. Ailsa Says:

    Bratson Bratson Bratson

  4. PeterKevin Says:

    Please , please some respect !!! The machine has hardly been switched off and already there’s talk of who Brax will hook up with !! Disgraceful. Let the man mourn for a while.

    Have to admit I cried at this episode. Especially when Rubes told Brax that Charlie had always believed in him and not to let her down now. V. moving, I thought.

    They’ll have to bring Morag back for the funeral.

    I getting a bit bored of Sid getting it in the neck from everyone. Yes the Stu-bash was wrong but what about Stu bashing Sash ? Should Stu not have to answer for it instead of sitting happily in hospital texting his mates , covered in the red biro thats left over from Liam’s injuries?

  5. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Was an emotional rollercoaster for an episode, luckily for Brax there was a spare crutch hanging around the Intensive care unit, probably left over from a Xavier disaster.. Glad that Sid spoke up for Brax and diffused the situation and Brax didnt get arrested.
    Poor Indi and Romeo going to have to support the whole Walker clan. Anyone know why Stu is still in the hospital or why he needs to be walking around with an Intraveneous trolley..I thought I heard a fractured cheek bone although his facial injuries look suspiciously similar to Liamos. Nearly vomited when I realised that it wasnt Brax in the scene in Leahs house that in fact it was Holy Man fecking Elijah, still hanging around the house comforting Leah.

  6. Bazza Says:

    Brax has got his balls back he’ll be steering clear of coppers from now on

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