November 9th, 2011 by Flathead

Only today did I realise what I should have called Monday’s blog post: please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em.  Alas, it’s too late for that now as the bauld Hammer is little more than the contents of a body-bag. There we must say goodbye to the bay’s most ridiculous villain of all time. I’ll miss Hammer if only for his ludicrous threats and posturing.

Charlie is all a fluster now that she’s been suspended.  I’d say we got about 30% more “Charlie face” than usual.  She’s suspended and needs to go up the coast to get her head sorted. Not only that but she’s copped onto the fact that Brax played her yet again. Why doesn’t she just give up on him? She should go for somebody with a similar IQ to herself?  I think Felix is single.

Casey is trying to put his life back on track by finishing school and getting back with Ruby.  Only problem is that his recent gang activities like burning down Jake’s base, may catch up with him.  Brax reckon’s it’s all sorted, but I’m not so sure.  Brax should try to pin it on Charlie, she’d probably believe him if he tried to persuaded her.

I’ve decided it’s about time that Constable Watson got a nickname.  Following on from the fine tradition of the first sidekick cop, Constable  Lara”Fitzy” Fitzgerald, I can now announce that Charlie’s sidekick will be known as Constable Georgina “Watsy” Watson.  Bonza.

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13 Responses to “Hammered”

  1. PeterKevin Says:

    Wonderful episode. Poor ole Charlie. She gets grief and suspension from her boss and even though she saved his life, the Brax does not even have the grace or manners to say “thanks, I owe you one”. No wonder she had to go up the coast to sort her head out. She’ll get no peace once Colleen finds out about her antics with Brax.

    Harvey is turning a bit stalkerish with all the flowers. Hope Roo bins him after dinner.

    Beeyanka and Heath continue to bond beautifully.

    Great episode without annoying Gypsy and annoying mini-Gypsy.

  2. Rack Off Says:

    Harvey’s acting freaky, maybe this is just what Roo wants after deadhead Sid though.

    Loyal as I am to giant ride Brax, it was lousy of him to not at least say cheers for having my back Chaahlie.

    Brax’s forehead vein and his jaw line did overtime acting in that episode.

  3. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Anyone think Ruby should invest in some conditioner?

  4. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Ha Ha Rack off, Brax’s Jaw grind certainly did super acting in this episode, that matched with Charlies attempt at trying to cry / look aghast at Brax.. Superb acting. Poor Hammer I will miss you and your crazy accent.. A lot of deaths recently, Luckily Elijah seems to be ready suited recently, must have lost the Abercrombie contract.

  5. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Harvey is a right weirdo. Described as a guy not to take no for an answer? Eh, yeah, that’s how Rapey Dean is also described. Roo will probably get to his gaff and find it’s full of fairy lights and a shrine to her.

  6. PeterKevin Says:

    LOL Justice Bellingham! Harve is a closet weirdo but Roo will suss him out.

  7. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Still equally giggling hysterically & overawed by the bad acting during Charlie’s teary confrontation of Brax at the car the other day. It looked like she was having a wooden panic attack. The concentration it took to try to squeeze tears out! It didn’t work of course, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wooden Charlie rules!

    The Brax boys in the funeral suits took my breath away. Screensaver and wallpaper has permanently changed to this image: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltmpojQIsV1qkfwhuo1_500.jpg No, I am not a teenage girl (slightly morto but not really)

  8. Flathead Says:

    I never get tired of Charlie’s “acting”, always entertaining.

  9. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Drew’s Shrew if you think thats good, feast your eyes on this!!!


  10. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Jesus Christ. You’d never seen that on Dollymount Strand.

    As totally ridiculously hot as that is Mrs River Boy, I’m not so much fancying Dan Ewing as I am Heath Braxton. Neck tatts & bad boy behaviour will always win out against cheesy grins & Dancing With The Stars. I have no doubt you understand.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Heath definitely beats his alter ego. I saw him live in the flesh in Oz this summer! filming with beeyonka, was quite possibly the greatest moment of my life. And he was in a suit.

  12. Drew's Shrew Says:

    F the f-ing f off. Am a violent shade of green. Going to have to sleep on that one before I can reply to you in a grown up way.

  13. Justice Bellingham Says:

    F the f-ing f off is the best expression ever!!!!! He was mentioned on Emailbag on Ray Darcy’s show a few weeks ago, someone asking if their tattoos are real or airbrushed on. That job would be the best job ever. I’d keep making mistakes just to keep him there.

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