On a boat

November 7th, 2011 by Flathead

Could Romeo’s business be back on track? Harvey is trying to make amends for his earlier mistakes and pay Romeo back for saving his life. Alf can see that it makes sense as a business idea, but Romeo seems more circumspect. I reckon Harvey’s near death experience has made him turn over a new leaf. If Roo agrees to a date then we’ll know for sure that he’s on the straight and narrow as she always seems to have good judgment.

Sid gave Sasha the mother of all bollockings. She was, as he said irresponsible, but it seemed she felt bad enough about it already so maybe Sid could have timed things better. Dex and Indi were really helpful and friendly when little Felix was brought home from the hospital. It’s about time Sasha got the chip off her shoulder and started to appreciate the effort all of the Walkers are making for her and Felix. Sasha lost it with Sid when he couldn’t convince Felix’s dad to part with his son after a five-minute chat which was a bit unfair on poor Sid.

The diner is all changed now. Roo & Marilyn are running it while Leah and Irene are off work. Roo put her neck on the line for Sasha in the diner. I hope that she doesn’t live to regret it. Roo has a habit of adopting a younger protege, see Nicole and Indi in the past. Is there anything that Roo can’t do?


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6 Responses to “On a boat”

  1. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Felix is so cute. They have to bring him back.

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    “Sasha lost it with Sid when he couldn’t convince Felix’s dad to part with his son after a five minute shat…”

    Oooh, that doesn’t sound pleasant 😀

  3. PeterKevin Says:

    Sasha has the whiny Walker gene. Sid will never be able to do anything right. See Indi and Dex for reference.

    Felix is a real cutie. What are the odds that his dad will meet his maker soon and he’ll end up back on the “Farm”?

    Roo is back in the groove. She’s ditched those awful tent dresses, is running the Diner, dating Harve and giving Sid a hard time. Go girl!!!

  4. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Did Felix and Sasha’s mam not tell either of the fathers they had a kid? if so, real sound of her.

  5. Ailsa Says:

    I reckon Flathead was on the batter writing this post, between his shat and his time time. I’ll fix them!
    I love Felix he is a dote. Someone was slagging off his acting skills on the twitterbox last night.

  6. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Poor Sasha, so misunderstood. What an outfit, she looked like she was wearing shinpads! Felix’s dad will certainly get his comeuppence for referring to Sasha as a ratbag.. At least she has Roo fighting her corner. Loving the Marlyn & Roo double act in the diner.

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