Living in a toilet

November 4th, 2011 by Ailsa

I think Felix is the first home and away character to live in a toilet; even Milco didn’t stoop that low. Luckily Veej (the stone-throwing brat) found him and brought him home. What kind of a thick is Sasha to leave her brother living there? She also cleared out the till in the Diner. Hurray, we have a new problem teen!

Xavier called a meeting in an effort to help Gina save the school. He’s fair dinkum, eh?

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5 Responses to “Living in a toilet”

  1. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Felix is showing up how bad an actor “Xave” is!

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    I was away for a week there, seems I missed a lot! All I know is that Tegan died and Sasha robbed the diner till. Any of you witty and informed commenters want to update me on the weird and wonderful happenings of Summer Bay? Cheers!

  3. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Bianca has been making flirty eyes at Heath The Ride, much to the dislike of the local rockstar…who’s been making flirty eyes at Gypsey too. Oh Irene still isn’t wearing any make-up for her scenes, to prove she’s reaallly sick.

  4. Drew's Shrew Says:

    What a little bollix Veej was in that episode! Getting an oil drum and tossing it away, breaking an m-fing window… For shame.

    Can we also please note that Gypsy has the world’s worst fashion sense. Her horrible silky multicoloured mulitlayered dress with hideous ankle boots combo the other day…. GANK.

    By the way, why on earth is your post above linking to a viagra site? Subliminal H&A Ireland advertising?

  5. Ailsa Says:

    Ah jaysus that’s a hacker – thanks for letting me know!

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