Confined spaces

November 3rd, 2011 by Flathead

Just how big is Irene’s house?  There are hordes living there now.  Nerves are starting to fray.  April sounds like a middle aged mother, frazzled by bickering teens.

Does Heath just hang around Angelo’s in his vest, threatening customers when the need arises?  Bianca and Gypsy seemed happy enough with the results, sleezy suit guy being told to leg it.  He saved her from him twice in the one night, good way to get into her good books.

Liam is at a pretty low ebb at the moment.  Dumped and working a waiter job with very little prospects.  He should get back to his music.  I can see a follow up to “Kisses hurt so much” on the horizon.

Casey did a pretty good job lying to Charlie.  She seemed convinced by his alibi.  Casey may have actually pulled off a masterstroke by burning down Jake’s HQ and saving Brax from himself.  Brax has neither murder charge and jail or blood on his hands to deal with.  All he has to do is make sure Casey can keep one step ahead of Charlie, which shouldn’t be too hard, she’s hardly the sharpest tool in the box.

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7 Responses to “Confined spaces”

  1. Rack Off Says:

    Ah. If Heath hadn’t been so totally creepy the last time him and Beeyonka ‘went out’ then it would be really sweet now! And the half-rapey jokes that he ‘wooed’ her with today (‘It’s ME you need to be worried about’) – nice!

  2. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Heath’s half-rapey banter is definitely the way to Beeyonka’s heart.

  3. Mrs River Boy Says:

    And also, Beeyonka is a fool for not jumping Heath The Ride at every opportunity. So what if he was no1 suspect in her rape 3 days ago, he saved her from a creepy convo with that Suit today. GENT.

  4. Justice Bellingham Says:

    I couldn’t remember if Gypsy had always been this annoying and smackable so had to go in search of a history lesson:
    I’ve forgotten more of these storylines than I remembered!

    Heath should always just be hanging around wearing a vest. Restaurant, diner, Irene’s house, school, church, doesn’t matter where.

  5. PeterKevin Says:

    Oh dear Summer Bay School is going to be closed!!!! Down with this sort of thing! Next they’ll wanna shut the hospital.

    Sasha’s brother is the cutest ever. Good on VEEEEEEEJ for helping him .What the little lad did to deserve a whiny Walker for a half sister I’ll never know.

  6. Mrs River Boy Says:

    I’m sure Sid could train Miles, Beeyonka and Mrs John Palmer how to be super docs instead of teachers. Wouldn’t take too long really.

  7. Constable Watson Says:

    I got about halfway through the ‘storylines’ part of Gypsy’s wiki entry and couldn’t take any more! So ridiculous when it’s all bunched up in a few sentences 🙂
    I love the picture of Tegan in the RIP box btw. She looks ridiculous.

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