October 26th, 2011 by Ailsa

For a town that has a disaster at least bi-monthly, Summer Bay is not wise to what to do in an emergency. Harvey and Roo headed out on the boat, Xavier left recent heart-attack and bashing victim JP at home alone, and Dexter and April went out into the storm looking for Sasha.

Luckily Alf turned up at the Surf Club and turned on the emergency channel. Rescue action number one. Felix and Sasha just waltzed into Gina’s and discovered comatose John. They rang Sid and he sent help to 31 Saxon Avenue. Rescue action number two. All the while there were cool montages of fake-looking rain, and Alf said typical Alf stuff like, “flamin’ idiots”.

Xavier found Sasha robbing food from his gaff and John inexplicably gone. More shots of driving rain. Alf and Romeo saved Roo and co., except for Harvey, who is looking pretty dead. Perhaps Romeo will get that mooring after all…

Xavier went straight to the hospital, as it’s his second home these days. He told Sid about Sasha the robber.


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6 Responses to “Disaster”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    I too love disaster episodes! Great Peril, we used to call them in college. There’s something very reassuring about the sight of Alf in his bright orange SES raincoat. We could have done with him in Dublin on Monday night.

    Romeo went out looking for Harvey WITHOUT a reflective raincoat, the flamin’ galah. For people who grew up beside the sea in Australia, him and Roo aren’t the smartest when it comes to ocean safety. Even a landlubber like Kelly would know not to go out in a boat when there’s a gale blowing.

    Sasha ran out of the house when Xavier confronted her – does that mean little Felix is still in there? He cracked me up when he said ‘That’s heavy’ about a collapsed JP. Is he too young to be Veej’s NBF?

  2. Belle Says:

    Jesus some storm. It was simply an average windy rainy night in Ireland!

  3. SummerBaySuperBods Says:

    And now for the award in our next category and the winner of “worst special effects in the history of television ever” is………..THAT EPISODE!!!!

  4. HogansGhost! Says:

    I can handle the greenscreen, the rubbish dark sky effects and the obvious fans in their faces but not the dubbed over dialogue. Obviously they had to do it or the noise of the fake wind would be in the microphone but some of them are just brutal at it (ahem Alf) and its out of sync and their voices sound weird. Back to blue skies soon please…..

  5. God Save Ireland Says:

    So are we taking bets on which National Summer Bay attraction will be wiped out?
    It was the diner in the last disaster, will it be the caravan park, the school?!

    Also which insignificant character will be the only victim?
    There’s too many River Boys so if it’s not Harvey, surely it will be one of the background RB guys.

  6. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Oh I adore disaster episodes, everyone is a potential victim. Obviously Xavier will be hit with something..
    How come no one has talked about Harveys new haircut!! What was going on with Romeo at the end and his looking into the distance look.. I think the reason Romeo didnt have a relective jacket like Alf is that he isnt actually a trained SES, he is merely an ex lifeguard, who has completly forgotton that he started the whole Mooring / Harvey fight by blaming him for stealing his silver dinnerset for Romantic Cruises.
    Cannot wait for tonights installment.. Batten down the hatches

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