STD Tree

June 29th, 2011 by Ailsa

Help us solve this mystery, where did the chlamydia originate? Have we left someone out?

Edit: it doesn’t matter, Ruby doesn’t have chlamydia, so the buck stops with Emily.

STD tree 6

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21 Responses to “STD Tree”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    And then you branch out from Ruby’s boys – Xavier was with Freya, Geoff with Nicole and that girl he slept with in the caravan that went on fire, Casey prob has a River Girl or two under his belt and god knows about Pat… Then you go back again with Nicole who’s been with Penn (who she clearly wasn’t using protection with), Aden, Liam, other people too I’m forgetting…..It could still happen that Liam was the cause of it all, which would make the most sense, he would’ve been quite the manwhore back in his rockstar days. Bianca better get herself down to the world’s busiest chlamydia clinic fairly smartly

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Very good work, I’ll update it.

  3. God Save Ireland Says:

    Nicole was also with Trey-remember the sex tape and of course Angelo- who was also with Belle, and Charlie, and whore of them all Martha!

    I think we have found our source-Martha!

  4. Ailsa Says:

    Yes indeed, updated now

  5. strikemeroan Says:

    Of course, it had to be Martha! Her chart alone would require pages.

    Indy needs a question mark too cos remember when Romeo had his freak out about being a virgin when she wasn’t? She has someone from her pre-Summer Bay past.

  6. God Save Ireland Says:

    Liam also slept with Martha and that mad fan Poppy.

    Just remembered wasn’t Romeo with Annie? Don’t think they slept together but Ruby is a crappy friend!

    Belle got around too coz Aden told her that when he was afraid to sleep with her.
    I miss Aden.

  7. Constable Watson Says:

    That is a fine piece of detective work, I think my head just exploded looking at it!

  8. Ailsa Says:

    Ah it was Emily, in the bedroom, with a poker. Ooh-er.

    Someone on our Facebook page says Liam and Martha didn’t do the deed. My head is dizzy thinking of the permutations – are they right?

  9. Rack Off Says:

    Liam and Martha were constantly doing the deed! Remember, after Hugo ‘died’?

    Did my comment yesterday inspire the tree?

  10. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Casey has no one else on his list. He told Ruby he keeps getting reminders that even though she’s his first, he isn’t hers. What a brilliant graph though!!

  11. Ailsa Says:

    Rack Off I was thinking of doing a diagram but your comment only spurred me on!

  12. Liz Says:

    Ah, but who gave it to Emily (if it wasn’t Romeo), and is the mystery guy going to enter into the summer bay teen-sex pool?

  13. PeterKevin Says:

    You could be on to somthing there Liz, a mystery hunk with a short name like Brad or Alex . No SB name can have more than 2 syllables.

  14. God Save Ireland Says:

    Liam and Martha were at it like rabbits.
    But he wanted a relationship and she just wanted the ride!

  15. Kanger Roo Says:

    I love the way there’s always such a big deal when anyone in Summer Bay “takes it to the next level” – but there ya go with Casey, he was a virgin but didn’t mind just getting down to the deed with young Buckton herself in the backseat of the car … no fairy lights to be seen…

  16. Scruffy the Dog Says:

    I don’t remember Martha taking it to the next level with Angelo? I thought he was one of a very small number that she didn’t go near, what with the business of him killing her husband and all… I won’t be surprised to hear I am wrong though.

  17. Floss and Neville Says:

    Lads that was some detective work altogether. What great memories ye have. I can’t remember Angelo being with Belle though, that’s totally gone out of my head. Was it a one nighter??

  18. I'm A Flamin Crow Says:

    Wasn’t Aden with Cassie? Not sure if they took it to the next level though…

    Wait a minute… Angelo and Martha? Surely that can’t be right!

  19. Pippa Says:

    What about Geoff and crazy Melody? Did they ever take it to the next level, or were they both too holy?

  20. strikemeroan Says:

    No Melody was preserving her purity – though she was unspecifically ‘attacked’ at a party by some crook kid

  21. Ailsa Says:

    Yes, he touched her knee.

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