Happy birthday Charlie

June 29th, 2011 by Ailsa

Ruby is in the clear, her sexual health is impeccable. So that means bould Emily infected Romeo. They should have dragged the STD storyline out for ages longer, it would have affected nearly everyone in the Bay.

In today’s episode, it was Charlie’s birthday. Morag has copped on about the Sergeant and Mr. Braxton, so it’ll be out in no time.

Dex went on a date with Summer. It didn’t work out as he only has eyes for April. Xavier likes the look of Summer though, maybe they’ll swap?

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30 Responses to “Happy birthday Charlie”

  1. Rack Off Says:

    Brax was on fine form tonight, such a ride. Colleen played a blinder too – she should have known that if Keith couldn’t commit to a shaven chin that he couldn’t but be a junkie.

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    And we finally saw Constable Watson out of her unflattering cop uniform and in a sparkly gúna, looking hawt! Will we ever find out her first name?

  3. Back Seat Buckton Says:

    The style at the party was something else, it was like a wedding! I love Biancas dress – would love to know where she got it (probably chique boutique Yabbie Creek)
    Delighted to see that Watson has a social life outside of work, and she was actually funny when she cracked her joke!! And she was unrecognisable in her new gúna!
    Leah looked lovely too but the state of Myles beside her, he was wearing the same clothes that he wears when he is cleaning the caravans!!!

  4. PeterKevin Says:

    I was bemoaning the absence of Morag and she reappeared. Being a shrewd lady, she spotted the smouldering looks that everyone else in the Bay has missed. Mind you, they may have been dazzled by orangeness of Charlie and Bianca. They fairly lashed on the St Tropez for the night.

    Heath and Miles are a disgrace. Turning up to the party in the sad old gear they wear everyday. Shame.

    Why has no-body noticed Constable Watson before ? Wow…

  5. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Why was the time stamp on the CCTV footage 23:10? If it was my birthday party and everyone was already gone by ten past eleven, including myself so I could double back to see my secret badboy boyfriend, I’d be a tad put out.

  6. Kanger Roo Says:

    Not only that but for a restaurant that has been struggling financially from day one, it was a very high-tech CCTV system – the audio was PERFECT…you could hear every little incriminating word that the Brax boys were discussing….

  7. strikemeroan Says:

    OMG yesterday’s episode was brilliant! Highlight was Charlie answering the door to Angelo saying ‘Expecting somone else?!’ CLASS. Angelo layin’ truth on Charlie’s ass was also brilliant, as was Chaz’s laughable assertion ‘You know I have never let my personal life affect my work!’ Ehhhh Charlie when have you not? Angelo was kicking ass and taking names in that ep, he’s made up for being such a whiny pain over the last few months. Brax and Heath were pretty thick about talking about their nefarious plans in front of the CCTV, the hanging around Charlie must be rubbing off on them. And now Angelo wants Nicole to swipe George and disappear into the sunset! Things are gonna get ugly over at the faaaahm….

    All in all, class episode, g’wan the H&A team! (Though I wish we’d got to see Colleen with a hangover)

  8. Ailsa Says:

    Oh deadly, we have Sky-Plussed it. Must get to watchin’ (eh maybe tomorrow)!

  9. Floss and Neville Says:

    Cringe watching Charlie drunk and throwing herself at Brax. As for Leah and Myles’ robot dancing….. And Bianca being hungover the next morning so she goes to the gym for a work out??. Does anyone in Summer Bay have proper hangovers? And I’d be really cross if my “friends” threw me a “surprise” party when I had work the next morning.

  10. God Save Ireland Says:

    Why was Elijah there and why did he give her a present?!

  11. Constable Watson Says:

    Everyone in summer bay goes to everyone else’s parties, just as they all have each other’s mobile numbers too!
    Do the part time actors like Constable Watson not get really annoyed with not having a proper character to play?

  12. strikemeroan Says:

    Yeah I wonder do the producers call her up every now and then and go ‘Hey, Constable Watson actor, we need you for a couple of episodes, drop whatever you’re doing & get your ass down to Sydney – what do you mean, you want your character to have some kind of depth and backstory and even a first name?!’

  13. Watson Says:

    Hey guys,

    Watson here.
    That was very funny! But yeah sometimes it’s a bit like that 🙂


  14. Ailsa Says:

    No way! Hello Watson!!

  15. God Save Ireland Says:

    If that is Watson for real it is time to pitch our Ireland Summer Bay crossover!!!

  16. Ailsa Says:

    Her email name looks real enough! I’ve also tweeted Cameron Welsh about it, no word back, he must be setting it up! 😉

  17. strikemeroan Says:

    Here Watson, solve the mystery, what’s your first name???

  18. summer bay high guna Says:

    Constable Watsons first name is…………. Georgina. Well according to Wikipedia!

  19. Struth Says:

    No Watson, don’t get a full time storyline and a backstory, it never works out well for the part time characters:

    1. Male police officer from the 90s – Ran over Shane, make googly eyes at Angel, now in jail.

    2. Female police officer from the 90s – Made googly eyes at Tom Nash, never seen again)

    3. Nurse Julie – Told Jack she had a son would was afraid to swin. Hardly ever on it now, maybe she went with Rachel to the states.

    4. Police officer that was Jack and Charlies boss. Went on Maternity leave 3 years ago!

    Keep the head down Watson and hang on for the spin off show: YCPB Blue or CSI: Yabbi Creek.

  20. Ailsa Says:

    Wow that is some amazing memorising of secondary characters right there! The maternity leave cop was called Fitzy.

  21. Struth Says:

    How could I forget fitzy. Female cop was called terri Gardner I think.

  22. Constable Watson Says:

    How did I miss this, that my namesake really commented here?! Very cool! Wonder if the cast sit around a computer looking at this website and collectively decide we’re all nuts…

  23. God Save Ireland Says:

    If they do, I shall surely have to change my name to ‘There’s no-one as Irish as Liam Murphy’ just so he can leave a comment…. :0

  24. PeterKevin Says:

    Wasn’t there another police officer, Senior Constable McGrath, he was there around the time of the stalker case and at beginning of Jack’s time in the Bay? A rather rotund gentleman if I recall, he always seemed to answer the station phone when a crucial call came in and he used the help Alf co-ordinate the rescue missions for missing people/ crashed helicopters or at the time of hurricanes / bushfires/other natural disasters….

  25. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Was he around the time of Nick Parrish? I think poor Nick is only rememberd now as being the big brother of the dearly departed Shane.

  26. PeterKevin Says:

    Jeez, I had forgotten that poor Nick even existed….

  27. strikemeroan Says:

    Who was the cop who was Dan’s brother and was married to Amanda either before or after she took up with Beth’s ancient dad? Was he called Peter? I remember McGrath, I think the same actor may be knocking around YCPD at the mo playing a different character, much as John Palmer was the helicopter pilot in the Big Crash before he was John Palmer

  28. Ailsa Says:

    Peter Baker! Cop extraordinaire.

  29. PeterKevin Says:

    He shoulda stayed in witness protection! The rest of his storylines were pretty crap after that.

    Didn’t know that John Palmer had been in the Bay before. I remember him from ” A Country Practice”. He was Molly Jones’ husband. I cried so much when she died.

  30. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Peter is in Body of Proof on Alibi (Tuesdays 9pm :)). He’s called Peter in that a well.

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