High in Summer Bay

June 10th, 2011 by Ailsa

Marilyn is very easily led. A few words from Colleen, and she’s proposing marriage to Sid. The doctor was quite unimpressed with the suggestion. He went straight to Roo aka The Oracle of Summer Bay for some advice.

Liam went to his investigation high on his unnamed drugs. The Cigire thought he was locked. Bye bye teaching job. Teaching hurts so much. Summer Bay HIGH indeed. Bianca served up an ultimatum, but Liam chose the gear.

Dex is having trouble with Xavier and April’s rekindled romance. He went to Romeo (not Roo for some reason) for advice. In the end, Dex told April how strange it was and now everyone’s mates again. But, he still LOOOOOVES April.

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4 Responses to “High in Summer Bay”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Haha – Summer Bay HIGH

    On the back of Marilyn’s red cardigan in this ep it said ‘Love Me Or Die’. A not-so-subtle message for Sid??

  2. Kanger Roo Says:

    Roo…the Oracle of Summer Bay – love it!!
    Barely a mention of poor Angelo in today’s episode … then again I just realised his housmates inclue:
    Roo, the aforementioned Oracle,(who’s too busy getting up in everyone’s business to care about her housemate – eh she’s now turned greenfingers helping out with April’s “eco-coastal erosion garden thing)…
    Liam, the drug addicted “teacher” who’s crumbling under the devastation of losing his record contract…
    Nicole, the student of fashion who’s recently handed over her baby to the local palm reader and libidious doctor (the same child she conceived with Summer Bay’s latest psycho and murder victim)
    …with housemates like that…

  3. Ailsa Says:

    Jesus I hope Marilyn doesn’t go on the rampage after Nicole inevitably takes George off her, watch out Dr. Sid!

  4. floss & neville Says:

    firstly- where does Marilyn get those multi coloured tents she wears ?
    next, cant believe nobody commented on angelo’s spade over the head
    , i thought those river boys were tough?
    bet Bianca wishes she married the prince now!
    what about Charlie? Is there anyone she wont bed ? good job Alf is overseas or he would be the next notch on the bedpost!

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