All signs point to dead…

June 9th, 2011 by Ailsa

…but I have faith in young Rosetta’s survival instincts. The net is closing in on the Braxes though. How will Charlie ever forgive Brax for this? Probably easily enough, given his powers of persuasion. Also, Ruby didn’t seem too upset over Angelo’s disappearance; that was fairly cold considering they lived together for ages.

April is back with Xavier, but Dex secretly LOVES her. Bad choice, April!

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6 Responses to “All signs point to dead…”

  1. Rack Off Says:

    Wait wait, April needed help with BLU TACK? Xave really rescued her there.

    Can we have a poll to see which of the Braxes is most handsome plz.

  2. RooTheLedgebag Says:

    You haven’t posted anything about the return of Gypsy yet. Share the good news!!

  3. Struth Says:

    Would be hilarious if Angelo did die and Nicole discovered she was pregnant again.

  4. Ailsa Says:

    That would be absolutely hilarious, Nicole would be pouting all over town. She could just keep having babies and Marilyn could keep raising them.

    Yes we must mention Gypsy…

  5. PeterKevin Says:

    Poor Dex. April has fallen for the new look , beefed up Xav . He has of course forgotten all about her eco terrorism ways and now they are the eco gardeners of SB.

    Poor Angelo. Charlie and Nic seem to be the only ones worried about him. Why isn’t Roo out there organising a search ? She interferes in everything else in the town why not this? Times like this you really miss Alf!

    Poor Charlie. She is very close to having to handcuff the Brax for real this time. And she’s not looking forward to it one little bit…

  6. Drongo Says:

    Xave did a pretty terrible job at sticking the poster up… first the top left corner fell down… then there was a bend in the middle – what is April THINKING.

    Dex was very noble. I’m sure his love will win out in the end.

    It’d be ideal for Nic to fall preggers again, then both her and Marilyn have a babby and everyone is happy.

    But I’d be very surprised if Angelo’s Supercop skills have let him down.

    Elijah repulses me these days.

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