Silly buggers

June 1st, 2011 by Ailsa

It was the day of the surf carnival and Mangrove River were playing silly buggers on the beach. That must be the effect of having Ruby on their team.

Palmer and Gary were slinging some good insults back and forth. I think Gary should stick around the Bay. Suck it up, tubster. He did suck it up when he had a non-lethal heart attack!

The girls had “Summer Bay” on the arses of their bikinis haha.

Charlie got a bottle to the head. She fell two seconds later.

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14 Responses to “Silly buggers”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Loved when Gina gave Gary a death stare and wagging finger and he shrank back in terror. She does a good scary headmistress face. That’s prob what gave him the heart attack

    What did the River Boys throw at that car – was it a sandwich? Charlie was acting like it was a bomb

  2. Kanger Roo Says:

    Lots of Summer Bay Super Bods on display today 🙂

  3. Justice Bellingham Says:

    We should have an annual Home and Away awards and can I nominate this as the best episode of the year so far? It had everything: Comedy, Romance and Drama. The tannoy announcements were like something off Father Ted, Miles wanting to bring Leah off to the first aid tent, Roo to the rescue (where was Dr Sid?). Charlie’s bottle to the head/collapse should be dramatic scene of the year.

  4. Ailsa Says:

    Yes we in our house did comment on the number of fine physiques of both genders.

    That was a super episode. I do agree that it was the best so far this year. It’ll be hard to beat. Looking forward to the Hawaii episodes!

  5. Saul Says:

    Great episode indeed but why was Miles walking so weirdly?

  6. strikemeroan Says:

    Hawaii episodes???

  7. SummerBaySuperBods Says:

    We haven’t had a memory loss story in AGES. What’s the betting on Charlie waking up in hospital after the crack to the noggin, having selective memory loss and laughing her hole of at Brax when he tells her their an “item”.

  8. PeterKevin Says:

    The biggest event in Summer Bay for years and there are how many cops on duty? That’s right. ONE. No wonder she got lamped. Now Charlie’s trying to protect Brax and his gang but the other lady cop is all over the case. Judgement being clouded by luuuuuurve for Charlie methinks, like that time that Jack “lost” the drugs that incriminated Martha.

    Poor Nic. She wants her son back but now Marilyn has banned her from the farm.

    And where is Angelo when she most needs him ? Off chasing shadows with the River Boys while carrying enough weapons for a small army. Honestly, have these guys never heard of paintballing?

  9. Rack Off Says:

    Is it just me or is Mangrove River the new Yabbee Creek? Ever since the cat show

  10. Rack Off Says:

    Also can I nominate the eldest brax as the finest thing in the bay for years

  11. God Save Ireland Says:

    Brax’s companion Heath is much hotter.mmm….

    Best moment was Miranda whacking Ruby. I can safely say I’ve wanted to do that since her frizzy hair arrived in the Bay!

  12. PeterKevin Says:

    Yes that was excellent and serves Ruby right for all the grief she has caused over the past while. Not to mention becoming a turncoat and representing Mangrove River at the Carnival…

  13. Justice Bellingham Says:

    God Save Ireland, I totally agree. In some alternate universe known as “real life” his name is Dan Ewing and he’s an underwear model and Oz Strictly Come Dancing contestant. Wouldn’t mind him becoming the new Mr Bellingham 😉

  14. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Oh man alive, Heath is a hunk-a-spunk…. Those River Boys would meet their match with us Irish gals. We’d drink them under their utes, show them how to party, and they’d wake up with their duvet’s tucked under the chins looking at us with moo cow eyes…

    Don’t suppose anyone heard an Alf Stewart ‘flaming mongrel’ medley thing on Radio Nova the other day?! Back to back flaming curses, classic Alf. Any ideas when he’s due back from backpacking? He’s missed.

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