RR knocked back

February 28th, 2011 by Ailsa

Young Robert Robertson certainly pulls no punches when it comes to making romantic advances. He suggested to Leah that they move to the city together, taking Veej and becoming an all-round happy family. She said no thanks, however, as she’s still hung up on Elijah the Massive. I hope this doesn’t mean RR will feck off into the wide blue yonder.

Xavier looked up “How to make a bomb” on the school computers. The school IT guys who no-one ever sees found out. They are very thorough in their work. Anyway Gina told Xavier the cops were on to him, so he went home and poured the bomb ingredients down the sink. This caused both him and April to pass out while noxious gases snaked their way around Irene’s gaff. Gawd save Ireland, I hope it doesn’t blow up.

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  1. Floss and Neville Says:

    It’s official: Leah is a witch. How else could she get so many men to fall in love with her?

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