February 17th, 2011 by Ailsa

Uh-oh, Daria’s about to spill the beans. She knows a bit too much and RR will get it out of her.

Uh-oh, April said Rene was an oul’ fella and he’s not. Uh-oh, they are hatching some evil green plot.

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2 Responses to “Uh-oh”

  1. PeterKevin Says:

    Uh-Oh, April has turned into an eco-terrorist. Bit silly though keeping the stolen chemicals in full view at Irene’s gaff. Has she nowhere to hide them while she waits instructions from the bould Rene?

    Sid/Marilyn/Nic/BabyPenn. You don’t even have to be Mitzi to tell that twill end in tears.

  2. HogansGhost! Says:

    Am thinking April will turn into the new Ruby in the sense of annoying teenage girl with no sense of propriety or reality. Teenage girls in Summer bay tend to be on the mental side flathead would have reeled them in ages ago

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