A gut feeling

February 16th, 2011 by Flathead

What’s this? Detective Robertson is questioning himself?  Is it possible that he was wrong?  Wrong about Alf being a murderer? If he was wrong about that, then he could be wrong about everything. Robert’s gut has let him down.

John had a meeting with the real Shandi, his real daughter, not Daria the Shandi impersonator and con woman.  Angelo and Charlie decided to team up for some police work, just like old times.  Angelo went undercover posing as Will to entrap Daria. It worked a treat and she fell for the bait hook line and sinker.  Why is Angelo doing undercover cop work? I thought he was a restauranteur now?

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8 Responses to “A gut feeling”

  1. Ailsa Says:

    I think Angelo must have joined Garda Reserves.

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  3. God Save Ireland Says:

    He wants you to think he’s working in a restaurant,he’s actually undercover to find out just what goes into the Diner’s salad.

    The cop shop paid for the restaurant upkeep to keep up this lie.

  4. strikemeroan Says:

    Germs from Miles’ fingers, that’s what’s in the salad, and the burgers, and the cakes

  5. PeterKevin Says:

    RR has gone back to normal RR mode. But Leah doesn’t like it. Oh dear what will he do now? RR has the most lovely eyes.

    Angelo wants to be a cop again. I’d give it a few months and they’ll find a way to let him back in.

  6. big brown envelope Says:

    I think Angelo misses being a policeman so much he helps out in his spare time or is he just trying to impress Charlie.

  7. Flathead Says:

    A few months? I’d give it a few days.

  8. Justice Bellingham Says:

    And he’ll probably outrank Charlie the day after he’s back!

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