The wake

February 8th, 2011 by Flathead

6 weeks later…

Why do the H&A writers feel the need for these time lapses?  So what’s happened in between?  Ross died and the family buried him.  Charlie and Ruby are devastated but on the upside Morag is back in town.

It appears that Indy passed her exams, maybe she’s off to college?  Dum Romeo failed his on purpose and has to repeat.  Ruby’s happy enough with that outcome as she has her eye on him.

We found out Morag has an iron will. She’ll need that will to protect Alf in his murder case. Detective Robertson didn’t look too happy with the prospect of facing her in court, rightly so too. He should be worried, Justice Bellingham on the warpath is a sight to behold.  I think he may have bitten off more than he can chew this time. It’s great to have her back.

Whoever knew Penn’s middle name was Tiberius? He’s in good company there, he shares the name with Captain Kirk.

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13 Responses to “The wake”

  1. Ailsa Says:

    It was a bit of an anti-climax when they revealed that Ross had died. For one chilling second I thought it might have been Alf’s funeral.

  2. Pippa Says:

    Wonder why Charlie and Angelo broke up-was she afraid that Indy might steal her moaning crown?

  3. Constable Watson Says:

    They took a 6-week break over Christmas in Oz, that was the jump in time, to keep it real, y’know. What happened Charles and Angela?

  4. Struth Says:

    Why was the funeral at the spot where belle got married? Don’t they have a graveyard? Or even the cliff where jack is buried. That just seemed like a picnic area today.

  5. strikemeroan Says:

    Yes Liam and Bianca were talking about how Charlie and Angelo had split up, which has yet to be explained to us. It does explain Charlie asking him to ‘Hold me’ which for a second I thought was some kind of kinky code for roidin’. No sign of preggers Nicole, I wonder will she be showing yet or will they follow the example of Rachel and have a normal length pregnancy?

    Penn Tiberius Graham – that’s got to be some kind of in-joke with the writers. Alf’s middle name is Douglas – good solid name. I bet Morag’s is Esmeralda or something

  6. PeterKevin Says:

    Great to have Morag back in town! The memorial was strange alright. I guess they had the burial or cremation in the City earlier and this service was for the folks back in the Bay. I seem to remember that when I “died” they put a memorial stone up there to me, I suppose it had to be taken away afterwards.

    Very sad when Morag was going through the book and found the photos and broke down. Showed the side of her that she doesn’t want anyone to see.

    Yes Rubes had moved on to her next victim. Poor Romeo. She is Martha mark 2.

    Beeyanka manages to go slumming it with Liam for 6 weeks but has the time/ money for the full make up first thing in the morning. Some girl.

    Will will be run outta town fairly fast if Alf has his way. Can’t say I ‘m sorry.

  7. Ailsa Says:

    Ooh I can’t wait for the Will/Alf showdown. I hope Morag is sticking around now.

    What about RR getting knocked back by Leah? He’s not giving up that easily.

  8. Rack Off Says:

    I love RR and his dimply smile. Hope Leah stays with him and becomes Leah Patterson Baker Robertson. What was her original name anyhow? It’s lost in all her marriages.

  9. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Leah Poulos Patterson Baker Robertson. And she could have a baby boy (can she still have babies, not that it matters in SB) and name him Robert Robertson II.

  10. PeterKevin Says:

    Don’t think Leah can have babies? She lost a baby when she was still married to Dan and I think the docs found out about some problem with her having kids because of some botched operation she had years before ( Flynn was the surgeon I think).

  11. Ailsa Says:

    Ooh, nicely remembered!

  12. Floss and Neville Says:

    Tis like watching a Carry On movie these days. I love it, hilarious. Delighted Morag is back, she’s great, she’s the only person in The Bay that doesn’t take any crap.
    P.S. VJ is a nerrrrrd!

  13. big brown envelope Says:

    Poor oul Ruby think shes gonna be given the elbow again hopefully she dosn’t hit the ‘grog’ this time.

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