Detective Robertson investigates

January 6th, 2011 by Flathead

The investigation continues. Robert Robertson is going to get to the bottom of the Penn Graham case if it’s the last thing he does.  I have full confidence in the ability of him and Doogie to get their man.  I don’t know why they were conducting their interrogations in the middle of the surf club, seems a strange place for police business.

Stranger still was the detective’s insistence that Doogie go on a date with young Dexter. She didn’t seem too into the idea, with good reason, getting pimped by your boss is above and beyond the call of duty.  But Doogie now has to play love games with the confused teen’s emotions.  I don’t see a happy ending to this one but I could be wrong.  Maybe she’ll fall for his quirky charms and they’ll live out a happy life together.

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3 Responses to “Detective Robertson investigates”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    For a minute there when Marilyn was reading his cards I thought Rob Rob looked like he fancied her…but it was just a ruse to get the dream out of her……though what court is going to convict on the basis of a dream?! Certainly not if Morag is the judge (please oh please)

  2. PeterKevin Says:

    Oh what a wonderful week, H & A is back to brighten up each day!!! Loved the card reading. Thought RR would arrest Marilyn for crimes against fashion though. That pink jumper yoke was seriously puke…

    Angelos will be broke in no time what with the meagre number of customers in the place and the fact that those who do come in, like Inidi and Romeo and Alf today, leave before buying anything. I’ll bet Angelo was secretly pleased that RR had a meal. At least they’ll be something in the till at the end of the night.

    Glad the whole Bottled Water Bore is over. I wish April had fecked off somewhere with wooden Vittorio and Shandi. She is a serious yawn. Gina needs to go to Summer Bay Specsavers pronto. Can’t she see that JP is the man????

  3. PeterKevin Says:

    Roo’s back!!!! I guess that’s a new actress, not the same one who played her when she was young and had baby Martha or is she ?

    Sid and Marilyn forever!!! With Dex busy moping over the Doogey one using him to try and question Romeo, he won’t even notice that Marilyn has moved to the Farm.

    Has Ruby overdosed on the insulin? She was so hyper in the Diner over her date with the Driving Instructor dude that I thought she would pass out.Never does things by halves does our Ruby. Must be a reaction to a pretty joyless childhood growing up with Charlie as an “older sister”.

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