September 21st, 2010 by Flathead

Oh my goodness, would Rachel and Tony ever EFF OFF?  This saga has been going on for yonkers in Home and Away terms.  Now Rachel has slyly invited Lucas home in the hopes that he’d convince Tony that in America, the streets are paved with gold.  Tony rightly thought that Rachel was being a domineering wagon.  Meanwhile the only thing that the audience cares about is – is Lucas going to be played by the same actor as previously?

Poor Romeo was scared to tell Indy he is a virgin.  I personally can’t believe he never took it to the next level with Annie – NOT.

Dexter stood in for his da on a date with Marilyn.  She wasn’t too impressed but then he was being a weirdo stalker.

Penn told Nicole a load of horse manure about his childhood and now they are friends again.  We didn’t get to hear what his big secret was; no doubt it will be revealed in a shocking manner shortly.

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7 Responses to “Boring”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Dunno why Romeo was so positive Indy wasn’t a virgin – shouldn’t she have been mildly insulted by that?

  2. alex Says:

    Can’t understand the Romeo character.He arrived in the Bay looking like a Casanova
    and then turns out to be a virgin!!! Not very convincing. Expect he’s had more luck with the real life Ruby as they are meant to be an item.
    What’s with Nicole? How can she be taken in by Penn,(he’s some low life having that syringe all ready and I read in next week’s radio times that she knew he planted it) Can she be so naive?
    Good riddance to Rachael and Tony. They are so boring. Never liked Elijah. Glad he’s out of it. Time to find Leah someone like Dan or even Vinnie who was immature but likeable. I despair about what lies ahead in the storylines.

  3. hogansghost Says:

    How creepy was Dex today?! Can’t wait to see Sid deal with him. I like Rachael, but can’t wait to see Tony go. I still can’t get over them ever getting married – the chemistry between them is SUB ZERO.

  4. PeterKevin Says:

    Penn is Mr Weirdy of the Bay alright. What is he up to ? I hope Dr Sid susses him out soon. Nicole hasn’t got a hope if she has to rely on Miles to notice anything weird. He is too busy eating and giving out crap relationship advice. Mind you Marilyn sorted out young Dex and his notions pretty quicksmart. Maybe she will do a reading & discover the Truth about Penn.

    And clever old Ruby . Arranging to move back to Leah’s on the quiet cos she can’t stand April and Bianca. I know how she feels, neither can I to be honest . All that talking in foreign languages , trying to make themselves sound posh!!! One cup of coffee later though and Rubes and April are BF.

    One question though, why is Charlie still living with Leah? Surely she has earned enough to get a place of her own by now and if she’s short of a few bob , I am sure Ross and Morag would help her out.

  5. Yabbie Creek Says:

    We didn’t really think Lucas as going to show up did we?!

  6. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Why can’t they keep a storyline going for 2 days anymore!!!!! It jumps from Rachel calling Lucas to a full episode of Nic and Romeo and Marilyn and Dex, then today not a sign of any of them cos it’s back to the Holden show.

  7. Ailsa Says:

    If you didn’t like that, wait till you see it tonight. It’s all about Liam and Bianca.

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