Awwww friends

September 17th, 2010 by Ailsa

So, Romeo and Indigo are an item. Romeo did a load of messing in that episode; I think he’s scared to take things to “the next level”. Did he ever reach that level with Annie? Surely not.

If you lived in Summer Bay, who would you ask for romantic advice? That’s right, Alf and Miles. Two bachelors who live together. Anyway Alf reassured Romeo that it’s ok to be romantic with your best friend. He even admitted Ailsa was his. Awwww. Even if she was a bit of a drip.

Rachel is trying to scare Tony into going to Boston; she left her flight confirmation lying about the house. Sly one Doc.

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One Response to “Awwww friends”

  1. PeterKevin Says:

    Well that didn’t work too well for Rachel? Now she’s on the phone to Lucas who probably can’t remember who she is! How is he going to help persuade his dad to emigrate ?

    Poor Old Mr Oddley is toast as well. All change at Summer Bay house.

    Lovesick Dex will cause chaos yet. Mark my words.

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