Cat. Out of bag.

May 10th, 2010 by Ailsa

Well flip me, Miles is telling all and sundry about Rabbit now.  Gina confronted him and he was all “yeah, I talk to imaginary people, DEAL WITH IT”.  Bleedin’ double mentaller.

What else?  Oh yes, Aden dobbed himself in re: burying and unburying the da.  He’s saying Dumbro had nothing to do with it though.  Snooooooooooze.

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6 Responses to “Cat. Out of bag.”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    ‘Dumbro’ hahahahaha I love it!

  2. Floss and Neville Says:

    Good one, Dumbro is the perfect name for Justin. I don’t know much about the qualifications to join the army but how the hell did a mentally challenged idiot like Justin get in!? If I was an aussie, I’d be crapping it if I thought people like Justin were protecting my country!

  3. Billabong Says:

    Does anyone know why Miles called Alf – Michael?

  4. Ailsa Says:

    Yeah what was that about? I was really confused by that!

  5. Ciara Says:

    He was being sarcastic because that’s the name of his psychiatrist. Miles is turning into a very cranky man at the moment. Maybe he hasn’t been getting fed enough.

  6. Ailsa Says:

    Good cop on there Ciara, that had me totally confused.

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