Love of ‘Home and Away’ is all there is.

May 9th, 2010 by Ailsa

Good woman Esther, she’s happy out being in Home and Away.  Sure why would you need a fella when you can hang around with Alf every day?

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6 Responses to “Love of ‘Home and Away’ is all there is.”

  1. Constable Watson Says:

    If anyone’s wondering where the other big-foreheaded one wound up, she’s in Step Up 3 . Sally must be looking after the bebe if she’s off flinging herself around New York.

  2. Crazy Dingo Says:

    …and doing a very bad American accent. Mid-life crisis at 22?

  3. Struth Says:

    She got HIV, she won’t live till 44.

  4. Crazy Dingo Says:

    That’s a very negative attitude to have, Struth. Didn’t Cassie’s HIV storyline teach you anything? HIV sufferers can lead a normal life as easy as anyone else. 😀

  5. Drew's Shrew Says:

    “she likes being single because she is happy in her job.” ME TOO! I’m not desperately alone and trying to be brave either Esther! *collapses into crazy woman sobs*

  6. strikemeroan Says:


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