Who is Marilyn Chambers?

March 31st, 2010 by Flathead

Marilyn has returned to the bay after 10 years away in Blighty. But who is she and what makes her so popular in the Bay? Here is the lowdown for those fans who don’t remember her from the first time around.

  • She ran a beauty parlour out the back of the old diner and gave facials to Madge Wilkins et al.
  • Marilyn used to be Morag’s housekeeper. It provided some great comedy as they were the ultimate odd couple. It’ll be interesting to see how they get on the next time Morag turns up in the Bay.
  • Marilyn went out with Lance Smart, Colleen’s son. Colleen seems to bear a grudge about their break up.
  • Lance, Marilyn and Martin Dibble were in a band together that went national for a brief time. I can’t remember what they were called. Lance got jealous as the press insinuated that Marilyn was going out with Martin, not Lance. This caused the band to split up.
  • Donald “Flathead” Fisher married Marilyn in an unlikely liaison. They had a baby called Byron but he sadly passed away. His poor parents were distraught and Marilyn got depressed and fled to London. Irene and Flathead went to look for her. Their method of searching involved touring the city on an open top bus. Preposterous as this may sound, they managed to find her.

It’s good to have her back and I’m sure she’ll provide us with much hilarity. She seems to have ditched her habit of wearing tiny backpacks as handbags.

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5 Responses to “Who is Marilyn Chambers?”

  1. dag dog Says:

    During her time away Marilyn moved to a small village in the Yorkshire Dales in the North of England and lived under an assumed identity “Louise”- she has failed to mention any of this yet, she had a stalker who I think she offed by pushing down a stairs- and also was a bit of the trollop having numerous affairs with the residents of said village, no wonder she looks shifty while talking about the recent past. Glad she’s back to where se belongs now though!

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    AHAHAHAHAA I’d totally forgotten Irene and Flathead going around London in the open-top bus, that was feckin’ priceless!! Thanks for reminding me, I’ll be getting giggles out of that for days

  3. floss and neville Says:

    memories of Marilyn that spring to mind are when her, Lance and Martin had a hit song called “cappacino”…don’t know does anyone remember that?? They were great days when that trio were in the Bay.

  4. Constable Watson Says:

    Wow there’s a lot of this I don’t remember! I only really started watching it around the time she married Flathead. I was eight and still thought they were an odd couple. I remember her and Rebecca, Fisher’s daughter haaaaating each other for a while though.

  5. Flathead Says:

    I remember Cappacino. I referred to it in the post above but couldn’t remember the song or the band’s name. Well done Floss and Neville.

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