Ada’s bad taste

February 5th, 2010 by Ailsa

Have a read of this. Ada, aka Leah, says that Kane is her favourite H&A character of all time.  Why? I think he was one of the biggest tools of all time.  Sure he’s in jail now and won’t be coming back, thankfully.  Anyway, she also says that she like Vinne, who’s currently in True Blood.  He’s fantastic as Jason Stackhouse and I don’t see him leaving that to return to the Bay.

3 Responses to “Ada’s bad taste”

  1. oliver Says:

    tonight is the historic 5000th episode

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    It doesnt look a day over 2000

  3. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Bit of a letdown for 5000 episode? Would have been good to have the final night of da myssstrrree for 5000.

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