Rhys Sutherland

January 4th, 2010 by Flathead

Given that we’ve no new episodes to discuss this week, I thought it was time to delve into the archives again and examine another character from the Bay’s glorious history.

If Rhys had an anger meter it would go up to 11, and rarely drop below 10. He moved to the bay with his wife Shelly and his family many years ago. They took over the caravan park. Rhys looked a bit like a fish and was a pretty wooden character. I could never figure out why Shelly went out with him.

Rhys and Shelly had 3 daughters: the “twins” Kirsty & Jade and Dani. Dani was a bit of a moany hole. She went out with Will Smyth until she realised that he wasn’t the Hollywood star of Independence Day and Men in Black. She then went out with Josh West who was a tool. Then she was raped by Kane Phillips. Back in those days, they used to say “attack” rather than “rape”. Kirsty found this irresistible and eloped with her sister’s rapist. ¬†All of this drove Rhys off the edge and he had a rage stroke.

Shelly left him to nobody’s great surprise. But he soon ended up with Beth Hunter, to everyone’s surprise. She was a living saint and was a good influence on the raging Rhys. She told him to keep his temper in check or he’d be kicked to the curb. Alas her wholesome ways weren’t enough for dumb ass Rhys and he left Beth once home wrecker Shelly appeared back on the scene. I don’t think too many tears were shed in the bay the day he left. Thankfully, he’s never come back.

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13 Responses to “Rhys Sutherland”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Beth’s hair was really annoying when she was with Rhys

  2. Drew's Shrew Says:

    I can see Rhys’se’ses face in my minds eye. GRRRR! Angry forehead.

  3. dag dog Says:

    remember the angie russel and his son thing, i think kirsty and her half bro nearly got it together, adding almost incest to doing her sisters rapist and miles in her dodgy romantic history, so glad she’s gone, the tramp.

  4. Struth Says:

    In fairness to Rhys if I had fathers dani and kirsty and had the misfortune to have gotten jade in a baby swap accident and then get landed with stupid max too I’d be pretty angry all the time.

  5. strikemeroan Says:

    Max! Had totally forgotten about him! He was really bloody annoying. In the Henry league of annoyingness

  6. Struth Says:

    Max made me stop watching the show for two years. Well him and jade combined.

  7. Struth Says:

    When I started rewatching I was fierce confused. Alf suddendly had two grandkids, sally was a widow with a shiney forehead as a daughter and there was some mad woman stalking everyone.

  8. Catriona Says:

    Oh what a lovely trip down memory lane, ah Rhys the ex ‘footie’ player right? He really was a psychopath.

  9. Martha's boots Says:

    When is H&A back on? I’m in serious withdrawal…

  10. strikemeroan Says:

    Monday thank feck!

  11. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Cannot wait for it to come back, gonna devour every episode.

  12. Conor Says:

    Thank Christ. Bitta summer bay to thaw the ice

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