November 4th, 2009 by Ailsa

There was high drama at Summer Bay jetty in that episode; some lad that Hugo knows started a big scrap down at the shed, just as Ruby was breaking up with Xavier.  Xavier tried to go to his brother’s aid, but instead got lamped in the head and fell into the water.  Luckily Brendan saved him.  Nice one Bandicoot.

After all the heroics, Mammy Austin decided Brendan could move into the community house.  Ruby 2 was effin’ thrilled.  Hugo pretended to the rubbish cop that he didn’t know the attacker, who had handily planted some kind of map in the shed.

Handily for Ruby 1, Xavier has memory loss, so he can’t remember she broke up with him.  She can ease her guilt by staying together with him.  That’s a great idea.

Colleen got landed with two slices of mud pie when Ruby and Nicole scarpered out of the diner.  I bet she kept them for herself and Madge Wilkins.

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10 Responses to “Scrap”

  1. dag dog Says:

    Xavier so has fake amnesia, he’s as bad an actor as the lad playing him, I’d try to forget going out with ruby not her ditching me!

  2. oliver Says:

    i think the guy who was fighting with hugo is the guy from the island whom geoff and nicole ran away from. i think his name is derreck. anybody agree

  3. SummerBaySuperBods Says:

    Good shout there Oliver. Thought his face was familiar alright. Pity Alfred wasn’t about to punch the flaming mongrels lights out!!

  4. Ailsa Says:

    Jaysus that’s a good spot Oliver if it’s right!

  5. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Was that island guy?? Hmmm, maybe cleaned up a bit.

    Has anyone mentioned ole Vinnie Patterson’s major part in True Blood on TV3 these days?! GOOD LORD would you look at his extraordinary body. Who would have thought it?! Hardly recognisable as Leah’s dead husband…

  6. Ailsa Says:

    He’s looking well alright. Plus he is dead funny and his accent is spot-on! We mentioned it here:

  7. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Ah sure I should have guessed you’d have it covered Ailsa ole gal. I vant to sawk his blawd!

  8. SummerBaySuperBods Says:

    I want the V-Man to come back to the bay soooooooo BAD!!! Legend.

  9. strikemeroan Says:

    If he came back they could do a Home and Away-meets-True Blood special….it’d be either an unholy mélange….or a match made in heaven…

  10. Ailsa Says:

    Bill Compton and Alf could talk about the good ole days.

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