One question

September 11th, 2009 by Ailsa

How did Angelo not know about Joey and Charlie?  Sure even Madge Wilkins knows at this stage.

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3 Responses to “One question”

  1. oliver Says:

    does anyone remember who the hand on the beach belonged to?????

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    According to the crack YCPD forensics team, it’s from the family of the mysterious Indonesian who called himself Clint Eastwood. But I wouldn’t trust anything they say. Angelo probably found the results written on a napkin in the diner

  3. Flamin' Mongrel Says:

    And did he ever actually find out who killed Lou? Just having a gun wasn’t exactly proof that the “peroxide piranha” did it. This Clint Eastwood fella has to have something to do with Clint the loan shark. I’m convinced of it.

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