What the eff?

August 13th, 2009 by Ailsa

I can’t believe Flynn is winning the poll to the right! What a drip he was!

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8 Responses to “What the eff?”

  1. Flamin' Mongrel Says:

    Hot Flynn: http://www.martindinglewall.com/Home_%26_Away_Flynn_Saunders.html

    or Fat Flynn: http://www.joelmcilroy.kk5.org/???

  2. gillian Says:

    saul for the win!!

  3. struth Says:

    Vote for Chloe! Flynn was never right for Sally, he wasn’t me.

  4. strikemeroan Says:

    Hot Flynn seems less hot now that I know his real name is Dingle

  5. Drew's Shrew Says:

    I saw Hot Flynn / Dingle Dangle at a Queens Of The Stone Age concert in Sydney in 2003. I also saw Leah and her BROTHER on a sexy date in Fox Studios, perverts. And yer man the blonde policeman with the broad shoulders & gun holster in Randwick in 2005.

    We must have a H&A celeb spot post at some stage so I can show off further.

  6. struth Says:


    clicky clicky. Episode 300 of Home and Away!

  7. Ailsa Says:

    Here, Drew, any pictures? We’ll lob them up!

    The STATE of Morag’s hair in that video!

  8. Flathead Says:

    Chloe got my vote too.

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