Good acting

April 24th, 2009 by Ailsa

I think a mention should go in for the chap who’s playing Brendan, that’s pretty good acting for H&A!

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17 Responses to “Good acting”

  1. Flathead Says:

    He should give lessons to Charlie who’s a pretty crap actress.

  2. Flamin' Mongrel Says:

    Yeah, but no matter how good she gets nobody will ever believe she is a lesbian.

  3. fitz Says:

    Is Home and Away not on this week? someone just told me its not on RTE all week but that cant be true

  4. Ailsa Says:

    It’s off because of Punchestown. However it is still available on youtube!

  5. fitz Says:

    thats outrageous, a waste of TV licence fees if you ask me…

  6. oliver Says:

    is channel five up to the same point as rte?

  7. oliver Says:

    the way i see it. there is 2 channels on rte. so why cant they just put the racing on rte 1 instead of making us suffer? or at least broadcast home and away at a later time on rte 2. i agree with what fiz says to us its not fair we pay our tv licence to see stuff that we like. not to have our favourite show put off for the week.

  8. Drew's Shrew Says:

    Oh dear, Brendan. Me & my mates have had discussions about him. Is it not a little politically incorrect to have an obviously able bodied young stud play a character with severe learning disabilities? And do you think he’s studyed Mary’s brother in There’s Something About Mary a bit too much? Will he win a Logie purely for having played a character such as this? Worked for Daniel Day-Lewis and Dustin Hoffman.

    Most politically incorrect thing of all to say, is it acceptable to quite often find yourself in hysterical laughter while watching Brendan? And does anyone secretly fancy him after seeing him run around the house naked?

  9. Mick Says:

    Five in the UK was always an episode or two ahead of RTE, but it’s still on this week on Five….

    They tend not to pull H&A for sporting events 🙂

  10. oliver Says:

    what i dont understand is why home and away is always the one to get pulled. why do they never ever pull fair city or eastenders?

  11. oliver Says:

    will rte pick up next monday from where it left off last friday?

  12. orlagh Says:

    Home And Away set for major mystery plot

    ‘Home and Away’ series producer Cameron Welsh has reportedly told viewers to be on the lookout for subtle clues throughout the coming months to help solve a major mystery storyline on the soap.

    Digitalspy reports that Welsh promised that the plot, which will span the length of the year, will have fans on the edge of their seats as it builds towards its dramatic climax in December.

    Speaking to TV Week, Welsh teased: “It will involve everybody in Summer Bay. Every character in the show is involved in some way.

    “The audience will be looking at the characters they love and questioning who they are. Is this person who they seem to be? “Of all our characters, someone is definitely not who they claim to be and they’ll do anything to protect their secrets.”

    When asked what fans should be on the lookout for, Welsh replied: “The mystery storyline has been happening slowly all year under the surface. Watch out for people such as Derreck (John Atkinson), who show up and then leave with a lot of unanswered questions behind them.

    “Also, keep an eye on the new arrivals and ask if they’re who they seem to be.”

    In January, Welsh told TV Week that the unexpected outcome to the story would “change Summer Bay forever”.


  13. Ailsa Says:

    Yes, we saw this in Paul’s magazine:
    I wonder if it’s another stalker/mentalist running amok?
    Or maybe Alf and Colleen and Bartlett get into a love triangle which ends in disaster.

  14. Struth Says:

    I know it’s wrong but I’d love if brendan won a logie and did the acceptance speech in character and demanded sticks instead of the logie. Also annie still acts more retarded than brendan.

  15. Ailsa Says:

    Ah he loves them oul’ sticks.
    Poor Annie, I love her! I bet she’ll have a teenage pregnancy at some stage, she’s so innocent.

  16. Coll Says:

    He’s excellent…id say he had a lt of training in this environment.

  17. ciara Says:

    I thought brendan was a savage actor, he was brilliant!.. i don’t have any problems with charlies acting either.. the only one that was absolutely useless was joey! was cringe TV everytime her face was in a scene!

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