April 23rd, 2008 by Ailsa

Sometimes, when I’m watching television of an evening, I find it hard to tell if I’m watching Six Feet Under or Home and Away. The ghostly apparitions and near-death experiences have me flummoxed. Then Alf appears and the fog lifts.

We nearly had a sex scene in tonight’s episode. Luckily the morality of the show was saved when it was revealed that it was founded in love. Phew.

I see Cassie is walking around with her hand on her belly. She must be pregnant so.

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One Response to “Confused”

  1. andrew Says:

    Did you notice that even though it was meant to be pitch
    black in tony’s room theres a beam of light directley over
    his face.i know its meant to be soapland but really a
    heavenly ray of light just looks stupid.and him and rachel just stare up at
    it and say of i love you.its so cheesy!

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