Madge is a popular girl

March 27th, 2008 by Ailsa

I was just looking at the statistics for, and 32 people have come to the site as a result of searching for the term “Madge Wilkins”.  She’s such an enigma; we’re all intrigued.


8 Responses to “Madge is a popular girl”

  1. Saul Says:

    Maybe Madge is Colleen’s Milco?

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Good point; imagine if Colleen had a secret twin. It would then officially be the best show ever.

  3. Saul Says:

    On today’s episode, Colleen said that Madge claim’s to be Pippa’s favourite babysitter. Which means that Pippa has seen Madge too. I wonder how this is all going to pan out?

  4. Mama Rose Formely known as NF Says:

    maybe madge is really really ugly and is afraid to show herself. i bet she is living a secret life behind clothes doors and does all her shopping online – i know that it is a cruel thing to say but what other explaination could there be?

  5. Saul Says:

    Maybe Madge is Colleen’s alter ego? Colleen puts on a blonde wig, a cocktail dress and a Scottish accent and becomes Madge?

  6. lilkit Says:

    I reckon, seeing as we’ve never actually SEEN Madge, that Home and away is all a dream shes been having. A bit like Crossroads was. She’ll wake up some day and be surrounded by cats with the same names as the characters in her dream

  7. Superboi Says:

    Not that Pippa. Sally’s daughter.

    I don’t think we’ll ever see her…

  8. oliver Says:

    colleen did have a daughter maureen. she gave her up for adoption after birth

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