Second best near death experience in the history of H&A

March 27th, 2008 by Flathead

A few questions arose from today’s episode:

  1. Why was Flynn doing an impression of the sacred heart with his holy light? I think that he was conspicuous by his absence. Maybe he’s not in heaven at all but was sent downstairs.
  2. How is it that Tom has continued to age even though he died around 15 years ago? He told Sally to tell Pippa that he’d be waiting for her. I wonder what Michael thinks of that. It’s all going to kick off when she arrives with a meatloaf in one hand and a basket of laundry in the other.
  3. Was Annie auditioning for Grease when she was playing pool in the surf club? Is she due to experience a crook and rebellious period like those of Jade, Matilda and Lucas?

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17 Responses to “Second best near death experience in the history of H&A”

  1. Foster child Says:

    Or maybe Flynn was too expensive to get back on the show and real life Tom needed the cash?

    It truly was a milestone show tonight but was there really any question about going back? So how does Sally go out of the show then if she doesnt die?

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Do you reckon both versions of Flynn would be in Heaven? That was hilarious with the light shining out of his picture!
    Poor Cassie, she’s fecked anyway isn’t she?

  3. Foster child Says:

    Do you think the writers were all on acid writing it? Imagine them explaining the plot line to the cast… I would love to work on H&A. Do you think there’s jobs going?

    Cassie, yeah she’s fecked. No wonder she’s leaving the show after all the stuff she has to put up with. I’d say Henk will come back though and take her away to India. I don’t think he is that bad.

  4. Saul Says:

    Amazing episode.
    Although Tom was a bit of a shit to her.
    I wonder who she would have met if she was going down instead of up.

  5. Ailsa Says:

    She probably would have met…….Saul! Ah I don’t know if he died did he?
    No sign of Rocco.
    Tom was a bit crap, he kept saying “you have to make a choice” but there was no incentive to stay dead apart from hanging out with Flynn’s photo or maybe real Flynn who was hiding upstairs.
    Also what about when she decided to go back and he was all “someone else will have to die”!!
    Bit sly not mentioning that.
    Tom’s got awful sly since he died.

  6. Saul Says:

    and wasn’t it strange that Alf appeared in one of the visions? Is he not off somewhere, touring the country?
    Imagine getting a job with Home and Away – a dream job.

  7. Saul Says:

    Remember Neighbours had a Northern Irish character? Maybe Ciara could get a job when she moves over. How cool would that be? She’d give Morag a run for her money.

  8. Ailsa Says:

    Saul, all our millions of fans don’t know who Ciara is!

  9. Saul Says:

    oh yeah. but they would if she got a part on the show.

  10. Ailsa Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww yeah!

  11. Sid Says:

    I’m still laughing at the tought the Heaven is the caravan park kitchen! Do you think Michael and Tom get on in heaven? Or do Ailsa and Bobby re-inact Bobby coming out of the fridge for laughs? I want a spin off show: Home and Away: Heaven.

  12. Ailsa Says:

    That’s brilliant Sid. We may have to make that ourselves.

  13. Flathead Says:

    It could be like “Hollyoaks: After Dark” and it could be called “Home and away: Afterlife”.

  14. andrew Says:

    i usually find these near death experiences stupid
    but this being home and away it was pulled off great.
    hope Annie doesn’t turn into a street walker or something.
    wonder who gets killed off?

  15. Conor Says:

    That was a bit strange alright, Where the hell is Mattie these days? As elusive as Madge Wilkins im telling you

  16. Mama Rose Formely known as NF Says:

    well, well, well, well, well, if it is not someone coming out of a fridge then it is someone turning up at the caravan park. what i don’t get is why was the dinner table set with plates, knives, forks and glasses and they rest of the house bare – bar a couple of pics. was heaven expecting a dinner party or something. or were they all going to celebrate with a nice roast had sally decided to stay? anyway to “balance the books” as Tom put it – Dan dies. he is the one that takes Sally’s place. bit of a cheap shot on Tom’s behalf not telling Sally. Do u know if i was Sally i would not bother passing message on to Pippa. I would say – TOm u sly fecker, tell her urself……. but sure, at the end of the day, we all knew that she was gonna go back anyway. so, she is not killed off. herself and cassie decide to go on a holiday abroad – this happens later in show – so i reckon she will stay “abroad”.
    plus, i reckon Flynn did not come to see her as he was well pissed that she nearly married someone else!! talk about sticking the knife in – no pun intended. but the poor thing – sally – has just died and he does not even have the manners for a quick meet and greet. rude or what.
    i wonder who will be the next sally in the show to – i mean things will not be the same when she leaves.
    as for Annie – she is starting to wreck me buzz. i am gonna call her Sam the second.

  17. Ciara Says:

    who is this Saul? Sally get’s a new job in the city because Fat controller gets her job because she’s too unstable

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